Volume 24, 1991-1994

  1. Distribution of terrestrially derived dissolved organic matter on the southern U.S. continental shelf
  2. Population dynamics of the tanaid Hargeria rapax in a tidal marsh
  3. Ergosterol content of living and submerged decaying leaves and twigs of red mangrove
  4. Patterns of Nitrogenase Activity Associated with Standing, Decaying Shoots of Spartina alterniflora
  5. Foliar release of dimethylsulfonioproprionate from Spartina alterniflora
  6. Autumn Distribution of marine Pythiaceae across a mangrove-saltmarsh boundary
  7. Early diagenesis of lignin-associated phenolics in the salt marsh grass Spartina alterniflora
  8. Diet of Larval Weakfish and Prey Abundance in Delaware Bay
  9. Taphofacies implications of infaunal foraminiferal assemblages in a Georgia salt marsh, Sapelo Island
  10. Integration of GPS, Remote Sensing, and GIS Techniques for Coastal Resource Management
  11. Evidence for Ammonia as a Natural Cue for Recruitment of Oyster Larvae to Oyster Beds in a Georgia Salt Marsh
  12. Local population dynamics of estuarine blue crabs: abundance, recruitment and loss
  13. Microbial Sources and Sinks for Methylated Sulfur Compounds in the Marine Environment
  14. Distribution of Atmosphere Sulphur Species over Various Wetland Regions in the Southeastern U.S.A.
  15. Diagenesis of belowground biomass of Spartina alterniflora in salt-marsh sediments
  16. Oligochaeta in Spartina stems: the microdistribution of Enchytraeidae and Tubificidae in a salt marsh, Sapelo Island, USA
  17. Growth and mortality in successive cohorts of fish larvae within an estuarine nursery
  18. Spatial Pattern, Spatial Scale, and Feeding in Fishes
  19. Direct Extraction and Purification of rRNA for Ecological Studies
  20. Microbial utilization resulting in early diagenesis of salt-marsh humic acids