Volume 23, 1990-1994

  1. Estimating Fungal Biomass and Productivity in Decomposing Litter
  2. Nitrogen recycling in coastal waters of southern U.S. during summer 1986
  3. Community metabolism and nutrient cycling at Gray's Reef, a hard bottom habitat in the Georgia Bight
  4. Evidence for the biological turnover of thiols in anoxic marine sediments
  5. Production and Consumption of Methane in Aquatic System
  6. Bacterivory by sestonic protists in a southeastern blackwater river
  7. Tagging Juvenile Blue Crabs, Callinectes Sapidus, with Microwave Tags: Retention, Survival, and Growth Through Multiple Molts
  8. Indirect Effects in Experimental Studies of Marine Soft-Sediment Communities
  9. Lignin Oxidation Product and Carbohydrate Composition of Plant Tissues from the South-eastern United States
  10. Carbon-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Humic Substances Associated with Salt Marsh Environments
  11. High abundance of picoplankton-ingesting ciliates during late fall in Lake Kinneret, Israel
  12. Settlement, Abundance, Growth and Mortality of Juvenile Flatfish in a Subtropical Tidal Estuary
  13. Cross Conversion Effciencies of Mummichog and Spotfin Killifish Larvae from a Georgia Salt Marsh