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Macon, GA - Ocmulgee Heritage Greenway

City and county officials in Macon, GA and Bibb County have recently opened the first section of the Ocmulgee Heritage Greenway. Located in downtown Macon, the Spring Street Park Trail is the beginning of what will eventually be a 35-mile trail stretching from Juliette, GA to Warner Robins. The Greenway will also connect with the Ocmulgee National Monument.

The Ocmulgee National Monument is on the site of some of the largest Indian Mounds in Georgia. The mounds were constructed between 900 and 950 A.D. by a culture known as the Moundbuilders. The site was occupied for 300 years during the Early Mississipian Era, and was later occupied by a second culture, the Lamar. The mounds were visited by William Bartram on his visits to the area.

Additional information on the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds can be found at

The picture at the left shows the erosion barriers that were put up during construction of the river park walkways and parking areas. The black plastic is anchored to the ground to prevent, or at least minimize, erosion of silt and mud into the river when rain falls on the disturbed areas where construction is taking place.

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